Super Workshop – Major plant families,rainforest plan indentification and regional ecosystem training – Tewantin

25th-26th August 2018 | North Coast and Hinterland

The North Coast and Hinterland based field workshop will look at:

  1. The 11 major Australian Plant families;
  2. The following land zones: Land Zone 1,2,3,5,8,9,10,11,12,and,
  3. The regional ecosystems and rare and threatened flora associatedtherewith; and,
  4. Some of the rare and threatened flora of the local area

Assessment is available to provide a means of gaining a certificate of  competency in each of the 3 disciplines

Locations and Duration: 2 Days North Coast and Hinterland

Cost: $150.00/person/day (accommodation and meal packages available on request).

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