Australian major plant families and regional ecosystem training – Hervey Bay

20th-21st October 2018 | Hervey Bay

These courses are unique as they emphasize the development of field knowledge within the local landscape in the context of both current and evolutionary scales of time and space.

Learn about the artificial paradigm of regional ecosystems and the land zones that underpin them during 2 days of intensive field survey including survey effort for rare and threatened flora know from the local area.

The Springbrook-based field workshop will look at:

  1. The 10 major Australian Plant families;
  2. The following land zones: Land Zone1, Land Zone 2; Land Zone 3; Land Zone 5; Land Zone 8 and Land Zone 11+12;and,
  3. The regional ecosystems and rare and threatened flora associated therewith; and,
  4. Some of the rare and threatened flora of the local area

Cost: $100.00/person/day (accommodation and meal packages available on request).

50% discount for students and concession card holders

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