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Dr Mike Olsen

IMGP6692Dr Mike Olsen has more than forty years’ experience in landscape assessment, particularly with regard to the native flora and fauna of Queensland.

Mike provides a unique combination of passion for teaching, the Gondwanan flora and his more than 4 decades of field experience to his courses and plant identification services that are not equalled currently anywhere in Queensland.

Mike has been commissioned to undertake surveys and analyses of vegetation at scales ranging from individual site environmental impact assessments to Shire-wide and regional vegetation and natural landscape projects.

His experience covers such diverse land management prerogatives as on-site effluent disposal via agroforestry schemata, mixed species high value cabinet timber plantations for individual landowners to specialised assessments and planning initiatives and considerations regarding local and regional noteworthy flora and fauna. These programs have been extended in the last decade to similar tasks in the nearby South-East Asian and South-West Pacific regions.

The majority of the Australian based work has been concentrated in the coastal strip between the wet tropics of north-east Queensland to the New South Wales border and beyond. North Queensland projects have involved considerations of all terrestrial and marine ecosystems including landscapes west of the Dividing Range across to the Northern Territory border. These surveys and interpretations have been related to a diverse range of land uses from natural landscape management to the establishment of telecommunications and other infrastructure throughout the region.

Mike’s particular expertise in this field is an intimate field knowledge of the study area, it’s flora and land management issues